The brilliance of Lansdowne comes alive in monsoons that start as early as the end of June till September every year. Driving through the vast forest stretch, the hilly monsoon winds bring with them a rustic charm of this quaint and tranquil hill station of Uttarakhand.


A road trip to Lansdowne is the perfect way to yield a sense of intimacy with the mountains and truly absorb the captivating sights as you unwind with great companionship while music fills up the air. Flowing with every bend of the misty roads through the inviting landscapes of “Devbhumi”, Lansdowne is a geographical gem. 


The rich forests, soft breeze, local chana from local food huts and vigorous waterfalls, all make up an uplifting monsoon indulgence.

Early mornings at Samskara & Samsara, find us energized with a cup of hot “masala chai” and the dawn chorus of various himalayan birds. The monsoon musings of the himalayan hills attract the slow travelers and the backpackers alike as the weather itself casts an unfiltered joy when there is a simple experience of bonhomie over a cup of hot chocolate under cloudy night skies and collective laughter.


Personally, I consider travel the daily salve that makes the routine work bearable and to elevate your journey and witness the most ethereal vistas imaginable, do hit the road during the rainy season as the humid embrace of the mountains during this time will have you lost and found. 


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